4 Pics, 1 Word Game Simple and addictive Challenge

If you’re looking for a deceptively fun word finding game, 4 Pics, 1 Word presents a quartet of images and challenges players to find the one word that links them all.

NAME: 4 Pics, 1 Word

WHAT IS IT: A game in which you have to find the common bond among four photos which are presented to you in a square grid.

HOW MUCH IS IT: Free, with in-app purchases from 99 c to $19.99

COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, requires iOS 10.0 or later; Android 2.3 or later


Word Games don’t get much simpler or more addictive than this one. Click Play and on your screen will pop a quartet of images such as an email icon, an answering machine, a bottle floating in the ocean and a woman checking her cellphone. Below them will appear some empty boxes and below that a grid of letters. Type in the letters you think fit the answer (in this case “Message”) and collect virtual coins that can then be used toward acquiring hints on more difficult puzzles. Along the way, there are challenges, such as solving four puzzles in which the answer is a color. The more you play, the harder each level gets. There’s also a multiplayer mode if you want to challenge friends on Facebook or elsewhere.

WHAT’S NOT The one thing that’s not pretty as a picture is the annoying ads that pop up after every couple of levels But you can avoid them For just $1.99, the ad-free version is well worth the money.

BOTTOM LINE 4 pictures + 1 word = countless hours of enjoyment for your brain.