The Benefits of Board Games

We all remember the good games that used to be made when there was no Play Station, Xbox and all this technology, they were good games and very fun we met with friends we talked not like we do today where we play online.

Many would not believe it but those games as well as being beautiful also have many benefits, we will try to tell you some of them, let’s see what you think:

Social relationships: Nowadays it is impossible to all sit down at the table or go out with friends because many are also busy, but board games allowed us to strengthen the social bond with others because playing with them always gives us free time and you can talk more and relax.

Stress reduction: From studies done if and seen that many have accepted that playing a board game greatly reduces stress. A sigerenza from video games where spent playing online you pass to a real race with opponents where people often get angry and break something.

Improves concentration level: Many agree that a board game helps a lot to increase concentration levels.
Even a single game of a few minutes allows us to detach ourselves from the technology that bombards the mind every moment and gives us the possibility to concentrate only on one purpose to have more attention, think more and plan more calmly. Thus the mind is cleared and we focus on one purpose.

Memory: As in a gym where you go to train your muscles, the board game allows us to train strongly the part of the brain that takes care of our memories.

Contrasting Depression: In a study done with very few players it was found that in a few minutes the players had an improvement in their heart rate and were in an excellent mood unlike those who remained surfing the internet where they had no nothing an improvement in heart rate or mood.

Reduction of blood pressure: A game of board games where you have fun laughing and joking actually helps to keep blood pressure normal.

The Best Board Games

Often we want to find something new to be able to have fun with family or friends and we almost always end up playing online with our friends on tablets or phones. But it is said that it is not always like this there are lots and lots of board games that we can play with family friends or our colleges. In this article we will recommend some of the most beautiful and fun:

• Codename

In this game two teams are needed and on the table there are 25 cards with a single different word, part of the cards belongs to one team and the rest to the other team. But only the captains of the two teams know the distribution of the cards. The leaders in turn have to say a keyword that has a relationship to several of his team’s words. The other members of the team will have to try to find all the words, the team that finds all the words first wins.

• The game of life

It’s very beautiful and fun to play even with the family. In this game you have to make choices like in real life, on the board there is a path that you have to do by turning pegs where the player then chooses their path in life where they choose whether to have a child or not what job to do what car they like to drive . During the road of life you can also earn money but you can see how you spend it carefully because at the end of the game the one who has earned the most money wins.


It’s a beautiful game where there are at least four people divided into two teams. In this card game you have to complete activities within four different categories where each has a different color: Starlette, All Head, Alfabruco and Miciolangelo. The first team draws a card after choosing their color and must successfully complete the activity before time runs out. The team that first succeeds in reaging the central box wins.

•Disney Villainous

Up to four people can participate in this game and you have to choose a Disney villain. Each character has its strong points where players should discover them to use to their advantage, but alliances can also be made to be able to slow down who is ahead of everyone. It is a beautiful game that will involve all the participants a lot.

• Dixit

Is an excellent game with 84 illustrated cards where one of the players has to choose one of his cards and secretly then share it with the others, then after shuffling them the others should try to find the correct card.

•Ticket to Ride

In this game the objective of the game is to plan and build a railway line to be able to pass through the cities that are your goal in order to reach the city that is the final goal. But to be able to score as many points as possible it is not only necessary to arrive at the goal but also contrast the opponents a lot forcing them to change their construction.

Avatar Generations. When does it come out?

For Android and iOS users Avatar Generations will be released in early 2023, if you are Android and iOS user you can already sign up to be notified when the game actually launches.

In the new game Avatar Generations players like in the TV series Avatar relive Aang’s journey of exploration of the Four Nations with his friends.

All players will have the ability to customize their team as they traverse the Four Nations map, slowly revealing the most iconic moments from the Avatar universe one at a time.

Players will have the ability to upgrade and customize heroes to help them master elements in their missions, plus it will be possible to make customizable team combos in battles.

As in the TV series Avatar, also in the Avatar Generations game there will be the presence of characters such as Katara, Sokka, Zuko and Toph where each character will have their own unique abilities thus allowing players to level up their Team Avatar.

New Free Games for 2023 for Android Users

For all Video Game enthusiasts, 2023 begins with excellent news, there are new free games that you can get to your smartphone in the play store.

Many games become available in the Android Play Store every month, also considering that the mobile video game market is always in development. But not everyone is aware that in the early days of 2023 many games that were previously Paid Games are now free. This will not last for long so you must hurry and get them as soon as possible.

There are many free games to get in various genres such as Adventure, Horror, Puzzle games.
Some games to get without spending anything are:

A-2481 which puts the player in the role of a local journalist who must find sources of ancient scientific research on the human brain.


Neo Monsters which is similar to a Pokemon.


The Lost Lands Dinosaur Hunter where a hunter has to research and hunt for big dinosaurs.


Wonder Knights PV: Nonstop Act


Merge monster VIP


Dementia: Book of the Dead

Games to Play with Friends to Never get Bored

Often it seems to us that all evenings with friends are always the same, but there are many games that we can play when we gather with friends  so we can 
 have a lot of fun. Down below you will find some games that you can play with your friends:

• The Mini Game: which can be played comfortably even at home. To play you need two or more teams, and then you have to choose a word to mime for each group. Only one player from each group will know the exact word and he will have to make his team guess by miming it. Ilsa square who finds it as soon as possible wins.

•Guess Who: where you have to guess a person in the group by asking the questions of Guess who. A nice and very entertaining game where you will see if you can find your friends.

•Wordscapes: is a very famous word quiz game in which you ‘escape’ into different worlds and themes hence the name wordscapes. You will be challenged in many ways until you are able to solve the levels, seek help whenever needed.

• Sardines which are cheaper than hiding but in this case only one person is hiding and all the others have to look for him, whoever finds him if he has to hide with him. The last one who stays out without hiding loses.

• Treasure Hunt: A beautiful game that is more fun to play outdoors, in this game you have to hide an object and you have to leave clues in synchronization so slowly you can go back to the hidden object.