Games to Play with Friends to Never get Bored

Often it seems to us that all evenings with friends are always the same, but there are many games that we can play when we gather with friends  so we can 
 have a lot of fun. Down below you will find some games that you can play with your friends:

• The Mini Game: which can be played comfortably even at home. To play you need two or more teams, and then you have to choose a word to mime for each group. Only one player from each group will know the exact word and he will have to make his team guess by miming it. Ilsa square who finds it as soon as possible wins.

•Guess Who: where you have to guess a person in the group by asking the questions of Guess who. A nice and very entertaining game where you will see if you can find your friends.

•Wordscapes: is a very famous word quiz game in which you ‘escape’ into different worlds and themes hence the name wordscapes. You will be challenged in many ways until you are able to solve the levels, seek help whenever needed.

• Sardines which are cheaper than hiding but in this case only one person is hiding and all the others have to look for him, whoever finds him if he has to hide with him. The last one who stays out without hiding loses.

• Treasure Hunt: A beautiful game that is more fun to play outdoors, in this game you have to hide an object and you have to leave clues in synchronization so slowly you can go back to the hidden object.