New Free Games for 2023 for Android Users

For all Video Game enthusiasts, 2023 begins with excellent news, there are new free games that you can get to your smartphone in the play store.

Many games become available in the Android Play Store every month, also considering that the mobile video game market is always in development. But not everyone is aware that in the early days of 2023 many games that were previously Paid Games are now free. This will not last for long so you must hurry and get them as soon as possible.

There are many free games to get in various genres such as Adventure, Horror, Puzzle games.
Some games to get without spending anything are:

A-2481 which puts the player in the role of a local journalist who must find sources of ancient scientific research on the human brain.


Neo Monsters which is similar to a Pokemon.


The Lost Lands Dinosaur Hunter where a hunter has to research and hunt for big dinosaurs.


Wonder Knights PV: Nonstop Act


Merge monster VIP


Dementia: Book of the Dead