How to Play 4 Pics 1 Word on Mobile

 4 Pics 1 Word is a free word guessing game for your Android, iPhone, or iPad or Facebook.
In this game, you’ll be shown 4 photos in a grid, all of which share a word in common. Your goal is to find out the common answer word based on length, which is given to you, and a selection of possible letters.
Most of the main features of the game can be played solo, but you can still, however even play in multiplayer mode by challenging your friends to the game, given they have reached at least level 20.

First Step. Open 4 Pics 1 Word. This is the game icon with 4 colored squares.
You’ll find it on your home screen or in the app drawer.

  • If you don’t have it on your device you can play it on Facebook or download it for free on the ios or android app stores. Make sure you download the legit game from the Developer LOTUM GmbH and if you are using an iPhone or iPad you will see “The Classic” below the app’s name when you search for it.

2 Tap  the Play button in green.This will start the game in single player mode and will give you about 400 coins, all of which can be used throughout the gameplay and you will collect more coins each time you pass a level of the game. The balance of the coins you own can be sen in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Upon reaching Level 10 of the game you will be able to play the Daily Puzzle on the main screen of the game. When you read the level 20 you can also select Multiplayer to play against his friends.
  • In order to keep the game free, 4Pics1Word is supported by occasional ads. You can click the X button to close them once they appear (when they are video ads you must wait a couple of seconds before being able to close them).

3 Review the 4 pictures. These 4 photos have something in common, that is always the case with this game, a single word(answer) that fits into the square letter boxes below the 4 images. You can always count how many squares there are in order to guess the length of the correct answer.The selection of letters appears just below the blank spaces.
  • Lets say for example the puzzle has two photos of women with their arms in the air and two others in the ocean, the common answer tying these images together would be WAVE.
  • We must keep in mind that the word sometimes will be obvious, while other times it can be pretty hard to guess this is especially true for games after level 100.


4 Ask a Hint. If you’re stumped, you can always use some help and use the hint. Each time you use a hint however it will cost you 60 coins, it ain’t cheap so make sure you can’t really find the answer.  The options when you use a hint are:

  • Tap the A Letter with paintbrush to unveil one of the letters in the puzzle answer.
  • Ask a friend to step in and help by using the social media icons on the right.
  • If you run out of coins to use for hints and can’t ask a friend to help, you can buy some coins.

5 Input your Guess.
Tap on each letter of the word to continue to move to letters to the square boxes. If you change your mind or mistype a letter you can tap it again to move it on the list. When your guess correctly answers the puzzle you will get a notification saying you are correct and will be rewarded 4 more coins.

6 Tap Continue to continue to Next Puzzle. The puzzle you’re currently on will always appear at the top center of the screen.
  • On each level you solve, you will be rewarded some prize coins and advance to the next puzzle one. Upon finishing the final puzzle, and that my friends is puzzle number 9000, you can proudly say that you have beaten the game.

The best-selling iPhone games

A perennial favorite is “Minecraft”. It saw the light of the video game world in 2009 and is the most successful game since “Tetris” (170 million copies sold), which pushed it off the throne for the anniversary in May 2019. The block phenomenon also has an edge on the iPhone.
At number two on the Apple charts is a title that playfully packs a serious background: At “Plague Inc.” you develop a deadly, global epidemic in a sophisticated strategy-simulation mix with a pathogen and bring this to mankind through this pandemic The End.

The game is terrifyingly realistic – but it’s just a game. The third most sold was “Rebel Inc.” Similar name, same genre, different story: As soon as the war is over, there is an uprising.
Gamers can stop this by weighing military and civilian considerations against each other and by pulling citizens to their side. There is something for everyone in the top 20 of Apple’s charts – there are skill, racing and action games, simulators and much more. Take a look below at the top best selling iphone games:

The top 20 iPhone games

1.Minecraft from Mojang (7.99 euros)
2. Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations (0.99 euros)
3. Rebel Inc. by Ndemic Creations (2.29 euros)
4. Bloons TD 6 by Ninja Kiwi (5.49 euros)
5. Doodle Jump from Lima Sky (0.49 euros)
6. Construction Simulator 3 by Astragon Entertainment GmbH (4.99 euros)
7.Pou by Paul Salameh (2.29 euros)
8.Stardew Valley by Chucklefish Limited (8.99 euros)
9. Bloons TD 5 by Ninja Kiwi (3.99 euros)
10. Geometry Dash from RobTop Games AB (2.29 euros)
11.Earn to Die 2 by Not Doppler (0.49 euros)
12. Pocket Build by MoonBear LTD (2.29 euros)
13. The Room: Old Sins by Fireproof Games (5.49 euros)
14. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from Rockstar Games (7.99 euros)
15.Evertale by ZigZaGame Inc. (0.49 euros)
16. Alto’s Odyssey by Snowman (2.29 euros)
17. Mini Metro from Dinosaur Polo Club (1.09 euros)
18. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 from Playsport Games Ltd (4.49 euros)
19. Farming Simulator 18 from GIANTS Software GmbH (5.49 euros)
20. Assasin’s Creed Identity from Ubisoft (2.29 euros)



A little history Play 4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word’s gameplay is very simple: each level displays four pictures linked by one word – the player’s aim is to work out what the word is, from a set of letters given below the pictures. The game is said to follow the “freemium” model: although the game is free, microtransactions are available to help the user progress through the game more quickly.

4 pics 1 Word is a game developer by German Game Studiu LOTUM gmbh. The gameplay is very simple, one each level the game displays 4 pictures that are related to each other by one word, the word is the answer of the puzzle, the aim of the player is to figure out what this word answer is taking into consideration the set of letters given in random letters below the pictures. The 4 Pictures 1 word game follows the free-mium model. Even why the game is free, small transactions are available and you can buy coins to help you progress through the game more quickly when you get stuck.

This game is written in English and the words used there are dialectal, also it contains some unkown words, making people go to cheating websites or applications to find the right solutions.In the opinion of  psychology PhD Jamie Madigan,”it is more possible for people to go te cheat when they are authorless and when ther are connted with other players that they will cheat less.An update in April 2013 included game advertisements, which can be taken way  with an in-game buy.

During January 2015 the every day puzzles have been given an update by making every month based on countries and nationalities or seasonal events like Christmas, Halloween and Easter.In the end of the month after the players has finished some of the puzzles they are rewarded with specific badges realted to current month.

The game is one of the few games that has passed 100M+ downloads worldwide making it a classic android game.




The best Apple Ecosystem Games For all Platforms

In addition to the best-selling games, the App Store editorial team awarded the “Best Games 2019”.
Here is the choice for selected categories:
Thatgamecompany’s “Sky: Children of the Light” was voted “iPhone Game of the Year”.

The “iPad Game of the Year” is “Hyper Light Drifter” by Abylight S.L.

The “Mac Game of the Year” is called “Gris” by Devolver. The indie game in the test at COMPUTER BILD achieved a very good rating!

In the “Apple TV Game of the Year” category, “Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap” won, developed by DotEmu.

And the judges made “Sayonara Wild Hearts” by Annapurna Interactive the “Apple Arcade Game of the Year”.

And these are the Best FREE iPhone Games:

1. Mario Kart Tour from Nintendo Co., Ltd.
2. Color Bump 3D from Good Job Games
3. from Voodoo
4. Brawl Stars from Supercell
5. Fun Race 3D from Good Job Games
6. Homescapes from Playrix
7. 2 by Voodoo
8. Roller Splat! by Voodoo
9. Coin Master from Moon Active
10. Subway surfers from Kiloo
11.Fortnite from Epic Games.
12. Run Race 3D from Good Job Games
13. Helix Jump by Voodoo
14. Traffic Run! by Geisha Tokyo Inc.
15. Stickman Hook from MADBOX
16. Polysphere – art of puzzle by Playgendary
17. Fire Balls 3D by Voodoo
Call of Duty: Mobile by Activision Publishing, Inc.
19. Draw it from Kwalee
20th PUBG MOBILE from Tencent Mobile International


The top 20 free iPad games

1. Brawl Stars from Supercell
2. Homescapes from Playrix
3. 2 by Voodoo
4. from Voodoo
5.Fortnite from Epic Games
6. Color Bump 3D from Good Job Games
7. Mario Kart Tour from Nintendo Co., Ltd.
8. Matchington Mansion by Firecraft Studios Ltd.
9. Fun Race 3D from Good Job Games
10. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game by Amanotes Pte. Ltd.
11. Helix Jump by Voodoo
12. Happy Color Painting by Numbers from X-Flow
13. Township of Playrix
14. Run Race 3D from Good Job Games
15. Gardenscapes from Playrix
16. Roblox from Roblox Corporation
17. Subway surfers from Kiloo
18. Codycross – Fanatee Crossword
19. Super Mario Run from Nintendo Co., Ltd.
20. Angry Birds 2 by Rovio Entertainment

Top iPad Selling Games

The best-selling iPad games
The iPad players have almost the same picture as the iPhone gamers: “Minecraft” won, but before “Rebel Inc.” and “Plague Inc.” Tablets more popular (4th place) than on the manufacturer’s smartphones.

The “Tropico” originally developed by Kalypso for the large consoles also ends up in sixth place, while it does not appear in the iPhone Top 20.

And then there is the popular “Farming Simulator 18” alias “Farming Simulator 18”, which ranks 10th on iPads, eight places better than on iPhones.
So budding virtual dictators and hardworking video game builders like it a bit bigger when it comes to the gaming screen.

Apple: The Top 20 iPad Games
1.Minecraft from Mojang (7.99 euros)
2. Rebel Inc. from Ndemic Creations (2.29 euros)
3. Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations (0.99 euros)
4. The Room: Old Sins by Fireproof Games (5.49 euros)
5.Stardew Valley by Chucklefish Limited (8.99 euros)
6. Tropico by Feral Interactive Ltd (€ 12.99)
7. The Room by Fireproof Games (1.09 euros)
8. Construction Simulator 3 by Astragon Entertainment GmbH (4.99 euros)
9. The House of da Vinci by Blue Brain Games (5.49 euros)
10. Farming Simulator 18 from GIANTS Software GmbH (5.49 euros)
11th Horse Club Horse Adventure from Blue Ocean Entertainment AG (4.49 euros)
Kingdom Rush Vengeance by Ironhide S.A. (5.49 euros)
13. The Room Two by Fireproof Games (2.29 euros)
14. Bloons TD 6 by Ninja Kiwi (5.49 euros)
15. The Room Three by Fireproof Games (4.49 euros)
16. The Legends of Andor by USM (5.99 euros)
17. Mini Metro from Dinosaur Polo Club (1.09 euros)
18. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic from Atari (6.99 euros)
19. Alto’s Odyseey by Snowman (2.29 euros)
20. Aerofly FS 2019 from IPACS (7.99 euros)