Games to Play with Friends to Never get Bored

Often it seems to us that all evenings with friends are always the same, but there are many games that we can play when we gather with friends  so we can 
 have a lot of fun. Down below you will find some games that you can play with your friends:

• The Mini Game: which can be played comfortably even at home. To play you need two or more teams, and then you have to choose a word to mime for each group. Only one player from each group will know the exact word and he will have to make his team guess by miming it. Ilsa square who finds it as soon as possible wins.

•Guess Who: where you have to guess a person in the group by asking the questions of Guess who. A nice and very entertaining game where you will see if you can find your friends.

•Wordscapes: is a very famous word quiz game in which you ‘escape’ into different worlds and themes hence the name wordscapes. You will be challenged in many ways until you are able to solve the levels, seek help whenever needed.

• Sardines which are cheaper than hiding but in this case only one person is hiding and all the others have to look for him, whoever finds him if he has to hide with him. The last one who stays out without hiding loses.

• Treasure Hunt: A beautiful game that is more fun to play outdoors, in this game you have to hide an object and you have to leave clues in synchronization so slowly you can go back to the hidden object.

The best LEGO Constructions for Any Age

Year after year, Lego has become an excellent game for all ages and is highly appreciated globally thanks to its many constructions, there are more than 100 Lego bricks for every person on our planet. In order to keep children away from electronics, many parents choose to give their children a Lego gift. But who are the most beautiful and favourite lego games of all? This is a good question that we will try to answer in the list that we will show you:

•Set Mining Excavator
Is a very detailed reproduction of a mining excavator with its many real and authentic functions. Like a real excavator he transports the material to the waiting mine truck. This game has more than 3929 pieces and is made of plastic, weighing almost 6 kilograms.

• Remote Controlled Crawler Racer
It is a beautiful remote controlled car able to pass anywhere even where there are obstacles because it is very manoeuvrable, stable and can move 360 ​​degrees thanks to the large tracks it has, its dimensions are 38x7x36. And all this you can do with the remote control.

• LEGO Nexo Knights
The Fortress: It’s a wonderful game for those who are passionate about medieval battles. This is a Fortress that includes 1100 bricks weighs about 1.7 kilograms, and features 2 rapid-fire shooters on the drawbridge and 2 on the front, plus also 2 mobile laser cannons. There are also 7 knight minifigures and many weapons from the LEGO world.

•LEGO Star Wars
Millennium Falcon: It is the iconic spaceship in the Star Wars saga and made from 1329 pieces, weighs 2.25 kilograms, and its dimensions are 58×8.7×37.8. The upper and lower laser turrets also have space for a minifigure, the cockpit is removable and there is space for two minifigures. This is a true work of art for those who are passionate about LEGO play.

•LEGO Ninjago
Raider Ultrasonic: It is the most popular war vehicle among all Lego series has 1093 pieces and 38cm in length, it allows us to have 4 driving positions and there are also 7 Ninja minifigures of Chen, Kai, Jay, Master Yang and zither.

•LEGO Batman
Batmobile : A super original car is 30 cm long, there is also the possibility of building it in two variants. To be able to overcome all obstacles just select the monster mode. Also included in this game are 5 minifigures of Bataman, Robin, Kabuki Twins and Man-Bat.

Hyper Famous Games

Every day more than 500 million people play different games on different platforms. And every year, people spend billions and billions of hours playing video games, whether free or paid.
But everyone often wonders what are the most played games of the year. For 2022 the games played were many for those with which people often have more time or more money are:
1. In first place we find the game Fortnite which is much liked by everyone also because it is free.
2. Counter-Strike is one of the best sellers on Steam, a game that has been launched for many years and is still very successful.
3. Valorant: Also for 2022 the game has experienced great growth since it is also free, a nice PC game that is played with 5×5 teams.
4. Apex Legends is the most played free game of the year
5. Rocket League is a game where soccer matches are played with 1×1 , 2×2, 3×3 machines
6. Los Ark: It’s the best RPG and it’s free for everyone on PC.
7. V Rising: A beautiful vampire game that engages you with an open world ready for exploration.
8. Pubg: Battlegrounds is similar to Fortnite a free game in a battle of all against all.
9. Call of Duty: It is a first person battle and war game with several campaigns.

Daily Answers Updated

4 Pics 1 Word is a puzzle word game which was developed Lotum gmbh, it is available as a free game and can be played on both platforms, iOs and Android. 4 Pics was released initially on 2013 but it continues to be a popular game till this day, it has continued adding more levels and keeping it’s players active and thrilled for the new levels that come up from time to time, including daily puzzles.

Daily Answers Are a set of daily puzzles that appear on the game and every month they feature a certain theme.

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