The Benefits of Board Games

We all remember the good games that used to be made when there was no Play Station, Xbox and all this technology, they were good games and very fun we met with friends we talked not like we do today where we play online.

Many would not believe it but those games as well as being beautiful also have many benefits, we will try to tell you some of them, let’s see what you think:

Social relationships: Nowadays it is impossible to all sit down at the table or go out with friends because many are also busy, but board games allowed us to strengthen the social bond with others because playing with them always gives us free time and you can talk more and relax.

Stress reduction: From studies done if and seen that many have accepted that playing a board game greatly reduces stress. A sigerenza from video games where spent playing online you pass to a real race with opponents where people often get angry and break something.

Improves concentration level: Many agree that a board game helps a lot to increase concentration levels.
Even a single game of a few minutes allows us to detach ourselves from the technology that bombards the mind every moment and gives us the possibility to concentrate only on one purpose to have more attention, think more and plan more calmly. Thus the mind is cleared and we focus on one purpose.

Memory: As in a gym where you go to train your muscles, the board game allows us to train strongly the part of the brain that takes care of our memories.

Contrasting Depression: In a study done with very few players it was found that in a few minutes the players had an improvement in their heart rate and were in an excellent mood unlike those who remained surfing the internet where they had no nothing an improvement in heart rate or mood.

Reduction of blood pressure: A game of board games where you have fun laughing and joking actually helps to keep blood pressure normal.