The best-selling iPhone games

A perennial favorite is “Minecraft”. It saw the light of the video game world in 2009 and is the most successful game since “Tetris” (170 million copies sold), which pushed it off the throne for the anniversary in May 2019. The block phenomenon also has an edge on the iPhone.
At number two on the Apple charts is a title that playfully packs a serious background: At “Plague Inc.” you develop a deadly, global epidemic in a sophisticated strategy-simulation mix with a pathogen and bring this to mankind through this pandemic The End.

The game is terrifyingly realistic – but it’s just a game. The third most sold was “Rebel Inc.” Similar name, same genre, different story: As soon as the war is over, there is an uprising.
Gamers can stop this by weighing military and civilian considerations against each other and by pulling citizens to their side. There is something for everyone in the top 20 of Apple’s charts – there are skill, racing and action games, simulators and much more. Take a look below at the top best selling iphone games:

The top 20 iPhone games

1.Minecraft from Mojang (7.99 euros)
2. Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations (0.99 euros)
3. Rebel Inc. by Ndemic Creations (2.29 euros)
4. Bloons TD 6 by Ninja Kiwi (5.49 euros)
5. Doodle Jump from Lima Sky (0.49 euros)
6. Construction Simulator 3 by Astragon Entertainment GmbH (4.99 euros)
7.Pou by Paul Salameh (2.29 euros)
8.Stardew Valley by Chucklefish Limited (8.99 euros)
9. Bloons TD 5 by Ninja Kiwi (3.99 euros)
10. Geometry Dash from RobTop Games AB (2.29 euros)
11.Earn to Die 2 by Not Doppler (0.49 euros)
12. Pocket Build by MoonBear LTD (2.29 euros)
13. The Room: Old Sins by Fireproof Games (5.49 euros)
14. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from Rockstar Games (7.99 euros)
15.Evertale by ZigZaGame Inc. (0.49 euros)
16. Alto’s Odyssey by Snowman (2.29 euros)
17. Mini Metro from Dinosaur Polo Club (1.09 euros)
18. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 from Playsport Games Ltd (4.49 euros)
19. Farming Simulator 18 from GIANTS Software GmbH (5.49 euros)
20. Assasin’s Creed Identity from Ubisoft (2.29 euros)