Top iPad Selling Games

The best-selling iPad games
The iPad players have almost the same picture as the iPhone gamers: “Minecraft” won, but before “Rebel Inc.” and “Plague Inc.” Tablets more popular (4th place) than on the manufacturer’s smartphones.

The “Tropico” originally developed by Kalypso for the large consoles also ends up in sixth place, while it does not appear in the iPhone Top 20.

And then there is the popular “Farming Simulator 18” alias “Farming Simulator 18”, which ranks 10th on iPads, eight places better than on iPhones.
So budding virtual dictators and hardworking video game builders like it a bit bigger when it comes to the gaming screen.

Apple: The Top 20 iPad Games
1.Minecraft from Mojang (7.99 euros)
2. Rebel Inc. from Ndemic Creations (2.29 euros)
3. Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations (0.99 euros)
4. The Room: Old Sins by Fireproof Games (5.49 euros)
5.Stardew Valley by Chucklefish Limited (8.99 euros)
6. Tropico by Feral Interactive Ltd (€ 12.99)
7. The Room by Fireproof Games (1.09 euros)
8. Construction Simulator 3 by Astragon Entertainment GmbH (4.99 euros)
9. The House of da Vinci by Blue Brain Games (5.49 euros)
10. Farming Simulator 18 from GIANTS Software GmbH (5.49 euros)
11th Horse Club Horse Adventure from Blue Ocean Entertainment AG (4.49 euros)
Kingdom Rush Vengeance by Ironhide S.A. (5.49 euros)
13. The Room Two by Fireproof Games (2.29 euros)
14. Bloons TD 6 by Ninja Kiwi (5.49 euros)
15. The Room Three by Fireproof Games (4.49 euros)
16. The Legends of Andor by USM (5.99 euros)
17. Mini Metro from Dinosaur Polo Club (1.09 euros)
18. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic from Atari (6.99 euros)
19. Alto’s Odyseey by Snowman (2.29 euros)
20. Aerofly FS 2019 from IPACS (7.99 euros)